Plastic Surgery Benefits Beyond Looks

Additional Plastic Surgery Benefits

There are numerous benefits of chicago plastic surgery that we have already discussed on this website – most of those benefits revolve around improving the physical appearance of the patient either to make them feel more attractive or because they genuinely need it due to being disfigured. There are however even more benefits that extend beyond just physical appearance enhancement. Naperville plastic surgery can actually have a drastic effect on a patient’s career.


Typically, the general conception is that plastic surgery as a form of career enhancement only applies to celebrities such as Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Aniston. The media conjures up images of Hollywood actors and actresses that undergo procedures to enhance their beauty on-screen, leading to bigger paychecks thanks to higher viewership. In today’s society, that exclusivity need not apply just to actresses. Studies have shown that more attractive people tend to make more money than their counterparts, and thus have more opportunities to advance within their careers. One of the easiest ways to climb the corporate ladder is to undergo some sort of plastic surgery procedure, which will not only improve looks, but also improve job prospects, particularly cosmetic plastic surgery. The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery states that over fifty percent of its members requested cosmetic Naperville plastic surgery because they want to become more competitive within the work environment. Attractive people are more likely to get hired when they leave college, and employees tend to work harder for more attractive bosses.


For those of us that aren’t blessed with the natural good looks of Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, there are a few ways to improve physical appearance that will eventually lead to better job prospects. A healthy lifestyle comprised of a balanced diet, regular exercise, good hygiene, and dressing well, can all improve appearance. However, none of these can make as significant a difference as plastic surgery Naperville. In this case, reconstructive plastic surgery isn’t necessary, but rather just cosmetic Chicago plastic surgery. It is not only an investment in looks, but also more importantly an investment in your career. The best plastic surgeon in Naperville can easily assist with these investments. There are some plastic surgery procedures that are more useful than others for these purposes. For men, the highest return on investment comes from eyelid surgery and teeth whitening. For women, these also feature highly but by far the most common is breast augmentation or breast enhancement. While there may be debate on the state of society where looks can have more importance than actual ability and skill, we have to play with the cards we are dealt. Given the way society works today, it makes eminent sense to undergo plastic surgery in Naperville, especially cosmetic surgery, as it becomes more commonly accepted.

While searching for accredited, best board certified plastic surgeons in Chicago to carry out such procedures, it is of the upmost importance to look in the right places for qualified professionals. Take a look at The National Plastic Surgery Directory in order to find the best plastic surgeon in the field. Take control of your career by enhancing your appearance – you won’t regret it.

Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Physical & Mental Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Some people may choose to get plastic surgery due to physical looks on one’s body. These specific changes in on one’s body fits into a group called reconstructive surgery. In this case reconstructive plastic surgery is very helpful for one’s looks as well as one’s self-esteem. Getting plastic surgery is known for improving self worth, confidence, and makes it more comfortable around people. Some examples of reconstructive plastic surgery are mastectomy patients, children born with a cleft lip, and individuals with scarring.

Reconstructive surgery
Picture of a woman getting a cosmetic procedure by a plastic surgeon.
Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery involves changing the looks or improving the looks of an individual.  Doing this can make an individual feel, sexy or more attractive. Also, as mentioned above, cosmetic plastic surgery can also improve one’s confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, and more.  One example of cosmetic plastic surgery is to reduce the look of aging. The most common practice of this is to get rid of wrinkles. The most common place for wrinkles to get removed from is the face, but this procedure does happen all over the body. Another example would be liposuction or other weight loss procedures. Some individuals have genetic weight loss problems and need a plastic surgery procedure to help them reduce weight. It is biologically known that once fat cells multiply in your body, they do not ever get destroyed. This is one of the few cells in the human body that does that. This is why obesity in children is now a growing concern because when we are children, fat cells tend to multiply instead of just getting bigger. The only way to get rid of fat cells in adulthood would be to get liposuction by a plastic surgeon. Other times, people just want an easy way to get rid of weight without going on a harsh diet. A new type of cosmetic plastic surgery is one to change the expression on an individual’s face. Some people always look tired, or bored, or even angry and do not like how that is his/her resting face. Cosmetic plastic surgery can change this by doing surgery to the eyelids, eyebrows and other facial parts.  Another very common, type of plastic surgery that is done to help improve an individual’s confidence is Botox. Individuals that get Botox do it for various reasons. Some do it to slow down or reverse the effects of aging. Others do it, because they do not like the current shape of their face. Lastly, there is breast augmentation surgery that is very popular for celebrities and women in higher end cities such Naperville and Chicago in Illinois. Naperville Plastic Surgery is a very common practice.


Where to find a Plastic Surgeon

Now that you know the benefits of getting plastic surgery, we’ll go over how about to find a plastic surgeon that is near you. My first place of choice is going to the National Plastic Surgery Directory.  This directory is the best source on the internet for finding the best plastic surgeons near you.  The site divides into states, which then divide into cities for finding the best surgeon for your cosmetic or reconstructive needs.

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